5 Top Countries To Visit In Central And South America While Backpacking With Family

The New World, a reference to the many countries of Americas, offers an interesting array of travel destinations. Given that the region has had the cultural influence of European rule and a substrate of Amerindian civilizations, the place has emerged as an exotic travel hotspot unlike anything. Of the many was to check out this vast region, one of the most idealistic and fun, is that of backpacking. This is one way in which you get a very slow paced and engaging experience, than what would be the case otherwise. And when it comes to the countries for backpacking, there is certainly no shortage of any kind. Many interesting places exist in Central and South America that backpackers can check out. And if you need a reason why you should travel with your kids, we’ve already talked about that! Belwo are the 5 top countries to visit, while backpacking across this part of the New World.


1. Chile

A country many have a hard time spelling, let alone travel, Chile, pronounced ‘Chill-eh’ and not ‘Cheil’, is an interesting backpacking destination. The country occupies a thin strip of land along the western coast of South America, and is a great place if you are into picturesque cities and great landscapes. In addition to this, the place is also home to some interesting cultures, amazing trekking routes, stunning camping destinations and an interesting range of culinary dishes worth digging into.


2. Peru

Tucked away along the western part of South America, is the country of Peru. Known as the land of the Amazon rainforest and the infamous ruins of Macchu Picchu in the Andes, the country is by far one of the most popular backpacking destinations in Europe. In addition to this, Peru is also home to many colonial heritage sites, and the mysterious Nazca lines in the middle of nowhere. Last but not the least, the country has some interesting locations for trekking, hiking and camping, all of which make Peru one fantastic place to visit.


3. Trinidad & Tobago

Although not part of continental south America, Trinidad and Tobago is a country is considered very much a part of it. Situated a short distance off the coast of Venezuela towards the northeast, it is considered an interesting country to visit, and is to a large extent untouched, given the preference for other nearby countries. This factor makes the country an interesting place worth visiting, especially if you like to travel to places without large numbers of tourists. In addition to this, it is one of the few places in the region influenced by Indian culture, due to the presence of ethnic Indians from the Indian subcontinent, resulting in an abundance of interesting Indian culinary variants, Hindu temples and more. With stunning beaches, an interesting culture, amazing trekking routes, snorkeling, scuba diving and more importantly a relaxed pace of life, Trinidad and Tobago make for one fantastic travel hotspot.


4. Belize

Belize is an interesting country, tucked away in the northern part of Central America. A place that has steadily emerged as an important tourist destination, it is most well known for being an important center for eco-tourism and other nature-based environmental activity. Today, the place has become well known for its pristine jungles, clear blue waters, white sandy beaches, untouched coral reefs and more, all of which make it one interesting tropical paradise. In addition to being a nature-oriented travel hotspot, the place also has numerous important colonial heritage sites, largely of British origin, given that it used to be a British colony, known as ‘British Honduras’. Then there are other ruins which go back to another era, when the region was ruled by the Maya, with the ruins of many ancient pyramids across the landscape.


5. Suriname

A country often overlooked in favor of its neighbors, it is an excellent place for backpackers. Born out of colonization, it is the only major country that was colonized by the Dutch. As a result of this heritage, the country today has a culture that is very much identical to that of the Netherlands. With beautiful beaches, Dutch colonial ruins, a pristine and green interior and then some, Suriname is one of the lesser visited countries in the region. In addition to this, the place also experienced the influx of Indians into the region during colonial times, making it another major destination to find a ‘Little India’ away from India.


Last but not the least, it should be added here that there are many more places in South America, which are great backpacking destinations. There are other countries in Central America as well, which have their own special ‘something’ to offer, making backpacking in this part of the world a fantastic vacation destination.