8 Romantic Countries That Should Be On Every Couple’s Bucket List and Why

Traveling is fun and amazing. With our kids, yes, but with our significant other, even much better. So yes, traveling gets even better, when you do so with a special someone, regardless of where you go. Whether it is a local sightseeing trip, or an international vacation, traveling as a couple certainly have its upsides. From making memories to getting some quality alone time, it can prove to be a great adventure when you travel as a couple. And indeed, there are many destinations worth visiting that couples can have on their bucket list. We at GRFK do quite a bit of couple travel without our kids. We’ve done couples alone, or couples in groups, but we know that traveling without our kids once in a while is absolutely necessary for our sanity! From the well known to the rarely visited, there are plenty of choices that couples can pick from. And if you need a reason why you should travel with your kids, we’ve already talked about that! Below are eight romantic countries that should exist on every couple’s bucket list.



1. Italy

Situated in the southern part of Europe, Italy is a major tourist destination of the old continent. Home to some of the most iconic cities in the world, and indeed one of the most powerful empires to have ever existed, Italy is an excellent travel destination for couples everywhere. From the stunning monuments of Rome, to the canals of Venice, and the many ruins of the Romans and even the Greeks, this is a country for all couples passionate about history.  And it’s a country we are passionate about!


2. France

A country known for being a romantic destination, France is by far one of the most interesting countries in all of Europe. With an exciting array of attractions, experiences and memories that you can’t forget, this is one country that will leave you changed. The country’s charm is something that is indeed very hard to describe, making it something one only has to experience to feel.From quiet and picturesque villages, to classical cities and of course the iconic Eiffel Tower, France is a place of many wonders. Also worth mentioning is that the country is well known for its own rich heritage of wines, many of which are named after the regions themselves, adding to the charm. And honestly, it goes without saying that France is charmingly romantic!


3. The Bahamas

A tropical paradise in the Caribbean and made up of over 700 islands, it is a place often visited and explored by couples from the world over. Part of the larger British Commonwealth, the place has become a hotbed of tourism in recent times. As one would expect, the place is most ideal as a tourism getaway, given its pristine white beaches, an abundance of coral reefs, the picturesque towns and cities, and one of the gateway islands to the Caribbean and the Americas. There is also a unique ‘British’ character to the country’s culture, given the influence the British had during historical times, which adds to the travel experience. And even though you might know the Bahamas as a family-friendly place to visit with your kids, it’s also a nice quick getaway from us on this side of the world. A weekend in Bahamas can certainly beat a weekend down the street.


4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica, which is literally ‘Rich Coast’ in Spanish, is an ideal destination for couples who have an ‘earthy’ side to them. A country tucked away near the southern part of Central America, it has gained the reputation as an important travel destination. In addition to this, the place is also a significant treasure-house of colonial heritage, in particular of the Spanish. Given that the main attraction of the country is that of its natural wonders, some worth mentioning are that of the rainforests, in particular those of the so-called ‘cloud’ forests, and the many pristine beaches on both the Pacific and well as the Caribbean side.  We recently spent a week in Costa Rica in a couples’ retreat and it was truly one of the best weeks of our lives. We love our kids of course, but every sane mom agrees that sometimes, we love them better from afar, aka, Costa Rica.


5. Switzerland

Tucked away in the heart of the Alps, is Switzerland. A country that has become more of a brand than a political entity, the place is today one of the most visited countries in Europe. Of particular interest in the country worth mentioning, are a few major things, namely its cities, the landscapes and the food. For one thing, Switzerland has some of the most stunning cities in all of Europe, from Bern to Geneva and then some. And then there are the iconic Alp Mountains, complete with tiny hamlets in its valleys. Last but not the least, would be the chocolates, which adds to the charm of a romantic vacation. Swizterland can be expensive so come with deep pockets, but then again, nothing is too expensive when it comes to romance, right?


6. Norway

A country occupying a narrow strip of Scandinavia, this is one of the lesser known countries for a romantic holiday. Known for its iconic cities and the mighty fjords, Norway offers a very unique Scandinavian experience. For one thing, the cities of Norway are a spectacle unto themselves, whether the capital of Oslo, or the many smaller urban areas such as Stavanger and Bergen. And then there are the ‘fjords’, which are natural formations comprising of tall hills and steep valleys, half of which are submerged underwater, the entire region being a legacy of the ice age, when the landmass was ‘carved up’ by over a kilometer of ice.


7. United Arab Emirates

Although not seen as a very romantic destination by many, the fact is that it certainly is. It is especially the case when it comes to Dubai, a city and emirate which has quickly emerged as a major travel hub. A destination for those desiring glittering cities, shopping and middle-eastern cultures, the U.A.E. in general and Dubai in particular, makes for an amazing and romantic travel destination.


8. India

One of the oldest civilizations in the world, the country is well known for some of the most stunning destinations around. From the pink city of Jaipur, to the beaches of Goa, and the islands of the Andaman, India offers a host of interesting travel destinations for the average couple. You could even say that India is the only country in the world, where you have more variety of everything than anywhere else, whether it is the monuments, landscapes, cultures, historical treasures or anything else in between. And while we are talking about romantic destinations, let’s not forget to mention the Taj Mahal, which remains a testament to the Mughal ruler Shah Jahan’s love for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. So honestly, it doesn’t get more romantic than India!


These ten countries are some of the most amazing and romantic vacation destinations for couples. With plenty to see, do and enjoy, a trip to one of these places is a great way to spice things up in your relationship, without the kids of course!