Hello and welcome to getrealforkids.com where a group of moms show the world how to travel the “real world” with kids.

We are a low-key travel site for familes that want to travel cheaply and yet show the “real” world to the kids during travel. So often, many travelers go to a location just for the luxurious resorts, and we have nothing against that if that’s your style of traveling. Not going to lie, we occasionally will do that depending on what country we’re headed to.

But, getrealforkids.com was established to show families how to travel the world outside of just the hotels. We want to show families the top free and most affordable things to do in every city and country they visit. We blog just a few times a month as many of us have other blogs and of course, are full-time moms with full-time jobs, but you’ll hear from us enough so please contact us as often as you wish, and subscribe to our spam-free newsletter too!

We hope you pick up one or two tips that will help you in your next travels! For now, please keep traveling and keeping it real for your children during your trips!


The Get Real For Kids Moms! 

Laura, Kristen, and Nola