Five Caribbean Islands You Should Consider Visiting For School Breaks

When school breaks during the Spring, Summer, Winter and other times, we often struggle to find the perfect destination to visit with our children. Often times, we’re looking to balance a warm location and a unique experience. Sometimes, we do want a colder location but more often than not, we are GRFK prefer destinations that allow our children spend unlimited time outside while we’re on a trip. You can’t blame us! Some of us live where it’s always snowing so taking a few days out of the snow to visit a warm destination is always a preference. Apart from the weather of our destination, we also want somewhere that’s easy to get to with tons of activities for the children. The Caribbean islands are always on our list of places to go to frankly because it’s convenient to get to, but also because all of the islands are always warm and sunny with lots of good food and music. And for big foodies like the three moms at GRFK, this is a big deal. We’ve been to so many islands and have recommended quite a few. And if you need a reason why you should travel with your kids, we’ve already talked about that! The five listed below are some of our favorite Caribbean islands to escape to with our children.


1.Dominican Republic

 The Dominican Republic is considered one of the best Caribbean island for families, with large amounts of tourists flocking to the island every year. This island nation has all the qualities of a great family destination. With excellent affordable resorts and beachside amenities, this island strive to make sure children and adults alike are having a blast when they visit.

When you’re in the Dominican Republic colloquially knowns as D.R. and not to be confused with another Caribbean Island, Dominica, you can either visit the amazing creatures that roam on land or the ones which populate the seas. Aquariums and theme parks with the likes of Ocean World Adventure Park and Manati Park present an array of animals which your kids would love to see and learn about. The Ocean World Adventure Park lets you and your children pet sea lions and interact with sharks while the Manati Park puts you in an expanse of green land inhabited with colorful macaws and parrots.

If you’re a water person and we hope you are, you can get your snorkelling gears out and swim under the water to see and feed the stingrays which live in the area. Afterwards, your family will enjoy the many beaches of Dominican Republic, from the white sandy shores of Playa Rincon to the luxury resort beach area in Bavaro Beach.


2. Barbados

Barbados has actually won an award as the best Caribbean Island for families to visit on holidays and vacation from the Telegraph Caribbean Travel. This island is calm but the kids will have so much activities to do. If they love the beach, they are in for treats as most resorts and accommodation have beachside activities they might engage themselves in. Whether it is to swim or make sand castles, children of different age groups can find that Barbados has the perfect environment to meet all their needs.

Teenagers are also welcome to use boogie boards while parents relax under the sun in the cool Caribbean breeze. Most beaches in Barbados also include facilities such as lifeguards, on-site shower, beachside playgrounds including slides and swings. If you’re looking for a more adventurous trip, you can also hop on a submarine and venture out into the depths of the sea at night to see the corals light up and become alive in the darkness. We definitely think Barbados deserves a spot on your to-go-list.





3. US Virgin Islands


The archipelago of the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean offer tourists to choose from a vast number of islands and islets, where a few islands are considered to provide the perfect environment for a family vacation. The US Virgin Islands is a relatively safe destination spot and it is quite family-friendly in terms of security.

Additionally, families can visit specific natural parks and reserves located in different parts of the islands. The Virgin Islands National Park in St. John allows families to take a hiking trip before coming up on the nature park which houses a vast multitude of local flora and fauna. They can also visit the Christiansvaern in the island of St. Croix to know more about the rich history and culture of the Caribbean islands.  Or you can visit Estate Whim Living Museum , a facility which caters to educating its visitors about the life and history of St. Croix and other Caribbean nations. And when you tire from all the activities, families can relax on the sandy white shores of  the different beaches present in the USVI while also participating in water-sports such as snorkelling or kayaking.



4. Saint Lucia

If you want to know which island is the best Caribbean island for couples, look no farther than Saint Lucia. Known to be one of the most popular sites for honeymoons in the Caribbean, Saint Lucia includes a number of luxury resorts and exquisite beach views for couples to relish and relax in. Dubbed as the most romantic Caribbean island, Saint Lucia has a scenery that you could fall in love with – from large mountains overhanging in the backdrop to palm trees lining around the sandy beaches. However, Saint Lucia is also great for kids otherwise it won’t have made our list on GRFM. We like to think of St Lucia as a place where you could visit with your kids and still have a great adult time!

The beaches of Saint Lucia are unique because they come in three varieties of colour – gold, white and silver – something that fascinate children and adults alike. Because the island is relatively quiet and isolated, you can also take advantage of hidden spots on the beaches for having more intimate moments with your family while watching the sun set in the Caribbean horizon.






5. Saint Barts

Saint Barts is considered as one of the safest islands in the Caribbean with low rate of crime  – locals even leave their cars and houses unlocked. While Saint Barts is known to be suitable for couples, there are a few kid-friendly activities as well. You can either take a boating trip with yachts that are always available with either your kids or your partner and explore the Caribbean Sea or have a relaxing time on the beaches which often turn lively with local beach music.

And while you’re here, you have to have the coolest adventure possible. Go to St. Jeans Beach to see actual airplanes landing almost arms-length. This experience is not widely recommended for kids and especially without supervision. But some of our kids at GRFM who have been to the beach think it’s the coolest thing ever. So, if you can, visit and experience how incredibly close the plane comes to the beach before landing at the airport that’s just adjacent to the beach. And while you’re on the beach or other beaches in Saint Barts, be sure to participate in snorkelling, scuba diving and other water sports.

And there you have it! Our top 5 recommendations for the next time your kids have a break from school. Have you visited any of these islands or plan to visit soon? They are all worth your time. If you need more islands, here’s our list of 5 other islands you could visit.