Five Safest South American Countries You Should Visit Today 

A continent largely unexplored by tourists as much as Europe has been, South America is a mystery for many. A place whose countries were born out of colonization, South America is a unique blend of European culture mixed with native cultures and other elements, across its vast landscape. South American is also a place with so much different cuisine that you can’t help but love it here if you are a foodie. We do understand that given the past history of most of South America as a continent, some people might be hesitant visiting due to perceived safety issues. But we can assure you that a lot of the continent have since been ranked as top safest countries to visit in the world. We moms at GRFK have visited these five countries below and felt safe during our travels with kids. There are a lot more safe South American countries that are not on our list but these five below are some of the ones our kids loved the most. And if you need a reason why you should travel with your kids, we’ve already talked about that!  So, put this amazing continent on your bucket list and visit a few of these countries today!



Argentina is one of the largest countries in all of South America, after Brazil. Occupying a significant part of South America, it is a country that has become an icon of Spanish heritage in the region. The country is relatively safe to visit, and abounds with plenty of historical treasures, Spanish heritage and a distinct European flavor. From the beautiful capital city of Buenos Aires, to the lovely mountains of Ushuaia, as well as the rural ‘cow boy’ regions of the Pampas, you’ll find a trip here amazing! It would of interest to note that Argentina also is home to the tallest peak in all of South America; Aconcagua. In the eastern part of the country, Aconcagua is part of the larger Andes mountain range. This geographical fact alone should make you want to visit this continent as soon as possible.




If there is one country in South America that is safe, even by global standards, it would be Chile. A country occupying a narrow strip of land along the continent’s western coast, it is touted as a very safe travel destination in South America. Rich in a culture largely derived from Spain, along with elements of other European countries and the indigenous blended in, Chile is one colorful country you will enjoy visiting. Attractions worth mentioning are the picturesque city of Santiago, other large capital cities, and certainly, the foothills of the Andes mountains.  And of course, the Fjords of the South. Another destination you ought to check if you have some time and funds while in the Southern Hemisphere is Easter Island famous for its large stone heads called the Moai and located a short distance off the coast in the Pacific, but about 6 hours flight from Chile.






A small country that sits next to Argentina and just south of Brazil, Uruguay is a fairly safe country worth visiting in South America. The country will somewhat remind you of Spain given its long-standing history with Spain. From historical landmarks and iconic Spanish architecture, to a European way of life, this is one small country you’ll enjoy visiting. Attractions worth mentioning are the beautiful views of the Atlantic in cities like Montevideo, as well as the green countryside of the interiors, and the many Spanish villages tucked away amidst it all.








Suriname is one of the unique countries in all of South America, given that it was one of the few places colonized by the Dutch.  This is distinct, given that the continent was largely the colonial domain of the Portuguese and the Spanish. Rich in a Dutch historical landmarks, as well as that of Indians and Africans who were brought over during colonial times, this is yet another safe country worth traveling to.  One of the most iconic attractions of all would be the city of Paramaribo, which dates its history back to colonial times. Other attractions are the beautiful and sunny beaches in the north, and the verdant jungles of the Amazon in the south.








A small country along the northern coast of South America, Guyana is a place that is often overlooked in favor of other South American countries. Guyana is a very interesting country just like Suriname, given that it was the only major British colony on the continent. It is important to note that most of the continent were under Spanish or Portuguese rule during Colonial times. Because of this, the country retains a very interesting British heritage, ranging from local buildings and architecture, to cultural elements like the English language and a love for cricket. Well known for its warm climate, tropical beaches, stunning jungles and historic landmarks, Guyana is yet another safe country you can check out while visiting this continent. Some attractions worth mentioning are the historic colonial city of Georgetown, the many stunning beaches of the continent’s north and the jungles of the South.





These are some of the safest countries to visit with your kids if you are planning on visiting South America soon. Also to note is that while the countries are safe in general, do make sure to take necessary precautions as you always do when you travel with kids, and you’ll do just fine!