Taking A Vacation To Bimini Bahamas

The Bahamas is a place of many wonders. Stretching across the fringes of the Atlantic Ocean, it is a popular getaway in the eastern Caribbean. One of the many popular destinations in the Bahamas is a region called Bimini, an island off the coast of Florida that is easy to reach with a Bimini Ferry. There is a lot that can be said about this place in the Bahamas, and we moms at GRFK recommend putting Bimini on your list of places to visit! We all have visited, and the kids had a blast! And before you go to Bimini, you should see why we take our kids on vacation!

Below are five facts about this popular holiday destination in The Bahamas.

1. Where is Bimini

One of the most common questions that people would ask about

goes something like this,

“Where is Bimini?”

Bimini is part of the island nation of the Bahamas and is located in the Eastern Caribbean. Located a short distance off the US state of Florida, Bimini is located in the westernmost fringe of the Bahamas.

2. The Islands Were Once Inhabited by the Taino

The Taino were an indigenous people, native to the Caribbean and parts of the Americas. Part of the larger Arawak ethnic groups, they once lived in the region that makes up Bermuda, along with the rest of the Caribbean and even Florida.

3. Bimini is Very Close to Florida

The region of Bimini is a short distance away from Florida. It is in fact the westernmost district of the Bahamas and often frequented by people from this American state. The approximate distance between the two places is about 60 miles, if one were to be visiting the place from Miami. Also to note is that this is especially true when one is talking about North Bimini.

4. The Site is Famous for Shipwrecks

The narrow waters of Bimini, coupled with reefs and rocks, were a major threat to ships in the region. As a result, numerous shipwrecks have occurred over the centuries, the remains of which can still be found underwater today. One of the more popular shipwrecks in turn, is that of the SS Sapona, which crashed after a hurricane, a short distance away from South Bimini. The shipwreck is famous due to the uniqueness of the crash, with a part of the ship underwater and the other part above.

5. The Region is Famous for Fishing

While Bimini is famous for many things, one of the more popular sports in the region is that of fishing. In fact, there are even fishing contests and other celebrations held every year in this part of the Caribbean.


How to get to Bimini Bahamas from Florida

Situated along the fringe of the Bahamas is the region of Bimini. A part of the Bahamas, the destination is a popular getaway for American tourists, especially those from Florida. Given that Florida is just a short distance away from Bimini, it is no surprise that many frequent to this part of the Caribbean. There are a couple of ways in which you can reach Bimini, from the American state of Florida. Mentioned in the points are three of the most common and popular ones.

1. Ferry

Getting a Bimini ferry is by far one of the most popular ways to reach the island. Regular ferrying services are available from Florida, called the FRS Caribbean. The ferries leave from the Port of Miami, and stop in North Bimini. Also, the services take place 3 to 4 times a week, depending on the month. In addition to being the most popular, getting a Bimini ferry also happens to be one of the most affordable as well.

2. Seaplane

Another popular way of reaching Bimini is through a sea plane. A seaplane, as the name would suggest, is a plane that operates in the sea. It is very much like a regular plane, albeit that it has the ability to land and take off from water, without the need for a solid runway. A bit more expensive than ferries, they are a preferred choice for those wanting to save on time when reaching this part of the Caribbean. They operate on a far more frequent basis than ferries, which makes it an ideal choice, especially when it comes to traveling at the last minute. Furthermore, there are several operators in Florida, who can provide seaplane services to Bimini, as well as other parts of the Bahamas.

3. Chartered Boats & Yacht

Getting a chartered boat or yacht is by far the most expensive way to get to Bimini. But they are also popular, especially among the rich as well as the business class, where time and luxury matters more than the price factor. Several services exist across Florida, who can provide transport for this purpose. Boats are an ideal pick for those planning with a limited budget, while yachts come on the higher end of the wallet factor. The exact seating capacity of them however, will depend on the exact transport being provided by the company.

To sum up, there are a couple of ways in which you can reach Bimini from Florida. Feel free to pick out whatever works for you and unwind in this tropical paradise. In all, whether North Bimini or South Bimini, this is one a stunning place in the eastern Caribbean worth checking out. With amazing destinations, experiences and attractions, it is truly one of the many jewels of the Caribbean.