The 5 Caribbean Islands You Should Visit Soon

Our families have different needs and preferences and thus picking a holiday location can often be hard. However, if you’re thinking about booking a flight to the Caribbean Islands, you should know that your choice is unlimited with multiple islands to choose from. This large selection is great news because each of these islands maintain different and unique characteristics which means that you can visit the Caribbean over and over and over again without repeating islands unless you want to. And if you need a reason you should travel with your kids, we’ve already talked about that! We’ve been to quite a few islands and have picked out the five of our favorite family-friendly islands!


1. Turks and Caicos

If you’re in the US, Turks and Caicos is one of the nearest island that you can book a flight to when going to the Caribbean. This short flight already means that your kids will not be agitated before getting there so you can start your trip pleasantly. Turks and Caicos is a kid-friendly vacation spots for its large reserve of activities and facilities that cater to children’s needs. Turks and Caicos is an island surrounded by reefs and corals while its deep blue sea water gives the most tranquil atmosphere for you to relax in. Activities that you can do with your kids are unlimited!

Our list contains going on bike rides around the island, that is, if your kids know how to ride. You can also take them out to exploration sites, such as farms and wildlife tours to show them different elements of nature and educate them about the island’s flora and fauna. And, your family vacation can end in a long cool dip in the ocean water. And if you’re looking for somewhere spectacular to stay, consider the All-Inclusive Beaches Resorts, but there are tons of lower-priced accomodations that might also work for your family.



2. Bahamas

The Bahamas, with its vibrant green expanse of forestry covering the totality of the island and its white sandy beaches fringing along emerald blue waters, is one of the most beautiful Caribbean Island on our list. The Bahamas is a renowned family holiday destination specifically for kids. The island hosts a number of attractions, from aquarium parks to botanical reserves and more.Families can visit the Lucayan National Park to explore through underwater caves and witness the sea animals that inhabit its ecological zones. Children are also able to take up horse-riding and kayaking activities, while older ones can accompany their parents on a trekking trip through the national park.

Aside from this, families are also encouraged to visit other landmark locations, such as the marine life reserve or Fort Charlotte. Both these are excellent options for educating your children about the history, culture as well as environmental aspects of the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Kids can go around spotting large turtles and tropical fishes in the marine life reserve while Fort Charlotte offers the chance to get them immersed into historical structures and history itself. The Fort Charlotte also houses actual moats, drawbridges, dungeons and wartime canons – things which are hard to find in modern times. A trip to Fort Charlotte will let your kids learn more about the times before them but also allow them to feel and experience what it was like to live in the olden age. Because of this as well as its gorgeous landscape, the Bahamas is one of the top Caribbean islands to visit with your family.

And if you’ve pever aid attention to TV ads, you’d have seen the ad for Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island a few times. If a little splurge is within your budget, consider staying at Atlantis a few night to enjoy their water park and beaches.



3. Cayman Islands

Being part of the Western Caribbean Islands archipelago, the Cayman Islands is known for it’s numerous luxury beach resorts and deep blue sea. However, Cayman Islands is a also a perfect family vacationing spot not only because of the facilities it offers – which is quite a lot – but also because of the fact that it is considered to be one of the safest Caribbean islands.

With relatively low crime rates, you can rest easy knowing that your children and other family members are safe while visiting this island. Other than that, the Caymans island has plenty of activities that families can participate in including a fun boat trips over to Stingray City where the family could enjoy smooth cycling trails on children’s bikes and buggies as well.

You can also take your kids out to Cayman Turtle Centre which is essentially a sanctuary for turtles in the island. However, you’ll see other creatures such as birds and spectacular fishes in this location as well. And if you’re willing to spend a huge chunk of change, you can take your family out to explore the island via a helicopter ride – a view you’d never forget.






4. Aruba

Aruba actually topples Cayman Islands by being the safest island in the Caribbean, with almost minimal to none occurrences of crime, specifically crime targeted towards tourists. While this island located in the southern Caribbean Sea is considered to be one of the more expensive islands to visit, it still contains a plethora of activities and facilities that make the price worth it.

This island is actually less touristy than other Caribbean islands. This is probably because it’s one of the Caribbean islands farthest away from mainland USA as it is located in the South American continent.   It therefore, does not receive as much tourist traffic as others would. It has a specific family-based area which is designed to provide all amenities necessary to ensure that your family has a Caribbean trip that is worth remembering.

You can go visit the Butterfly farm where a multitude of tropical, exotic and rare butterflies and moths flutter overhead. Other attractions include but are not limited to the donkey sanctuary and the Arikok National Park. Aruba is a haven for those who are in love with nature and its animals.






5. Jamaica

Jamaica is one place where boredom does not exist. This island in the Caribbean Sea hosts a number of fun and educational activities that will keep your kids so busy they won’t complain of having nothing to do. One great thing for kids visiting Jamaica is that they have a chance to get close to and interact with sea creatures in places like the Dolphin Cove.

We moms at GRFK are proponents of responsible tourism as well as ecotourism and even though we are aware of the Dolphin Cove and want you to know that it exists, we prefer seeing sea animals in the open sea when possible. If you do go to the Dolphin Cove,  you will get a chance to swim with the animals. That said, Jamaica is great for swimming because of it’s naturally shallow waters especially in the Doctor’s Cave Beach which is perfect for kids to swim in without much parental help. Of course we don’t advise that you leave your kids unattended in water no matter how swallow it is as accidents still do happen in swallow waters.

If you make it to Doctor’s Cove, your bigger kids would thank you for the trampolines on the beach! And if you want to be a supermom or superdad, then take your entire family to Aquasol Theme Park which is near the Doctor’s Cove and spend the whole day playing and riding on different water slides and water rides. Jamaica is fun, lively and enthralling both for adults and their children.

So there you have the top five Caribbean countries you should put on your bucket list to visit with your kids. What are you favorite Caribbean islands?